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Bloemfontein Bergen started from a passion for flowers. Read our story below.


GENERATION ON GENERATION Flower bulb cultivation is in our blood, 5 generations in flower bulb cultivation.The idea arose not only to grow the bulb but to allow the general public to enjoy our flowers.


NO WASTE FLOWERS We saw that many flower bulbs were rejected due to minor damage or discoloration, while the flower itself is beautiful. We thought it was a shame! With us, these flowers deserve a second chance (#nowaste).


START PICKING GARDENThe idea was to start a small picking garden... but in our enthusiasm we planted so many flowers as possible that you can no longer call them small. In addition to tulips, we also have peonies, sunflowers, dahlias, gladioli and much more. Our motto? Seize the day and your bouquet of flowers! 




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